Subramaniam Foundation

  • We understand that artists need to be able to sustain a viable living from their passion. To that end the Subramaniam Foundation provides training and support to musicians who want to build a meaningful career. We offer two types of music scholarships merit and need-based. The idea is to help them grow into musicians or music teachers.

  • Music scholarships of this nature help young musicians hone their skills and explore new musical paths. They also provide support to these artists as they start a new journey. In addition we offer scholarships to students who want to master their art and find fulfilling careers.

Our Mission & Goal

We believe that every passionate artist should have the chance to pursue a fulfilling career in music. The Subramaniam Foundation is on a mission to provide training and support to aspiring musician and music educator.
To create a new generation of young brilliant artists with differences to take our music/culture to the highest possible level.