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Subramaniam Foundation

We understand that artists need to be able to sustain a viable living from their passion. To that end, the Subramaniam Foundation provides training and support to musicians who want to build a meaningful career. We offer two types of music scholarships, merit and need-based. The idea is to help them grow into musicians or music teachers.
Music scholarships of this nature help young musicians hone their skills and explore new musical paths. They also provide support to these artists as they start a new journey. In addition, we offer scholarships to semi professional musicians who want to master their art and find fulfilling careers.
The Subramaniam Foundation offers scholarships via the LGCE. They are available to students and allow them to explore a career path in every discipline


Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival

Founded in the memory of Professor V Lakshminarayana who strongly believed in the value of appreciating diverse musical styles, the LGMF takes his vision to the world.

Truly Global Music Festival

LGMF festival has influenced a generation of performers and given access to global live music to over 2000000+ audiences, in 73 countries and 55+ cities.

About Us

“We believe in the power of music to affect change and believe that everyone deserves access to it.” It is with this belief that violin icon Dr. L Subramaniam and Bollywood playback legend Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam started The Subramaniam Foundation in 2005.

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