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The Lakshminarayana Global Centre of Excellence

LGCE was founded by violin icon Dr. L Subramaniam and legendary Bollywood playback singer Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam. This course is designed to bridge the gap between the gurukul system, (which emphasizes on practical performances) and university education (which emphasizes on theoretical approach).

Music, the finest of the fine arts, being a practical art form, mastering this cannot be achieved only by reading textbooks. The course takes a holistic approach to music and offers both practical and theoretical education. While the course is rooted in traditional Indian music, students will also gain exposure to global music & music-related concepts.

The course focuses on music performance with education and students will also have a first-hand experience of being a part of LGMF (Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival) which is the biggest global music festival. Highlights of this festival are bringing in international artists and collaborating with Indian artists and the main motto is to ‘creating new collaboration and pushing the boundaries of music beyond borders.’

LGCE is collaborating with premier institutes like Jain University (Bangalore, Karnataka) & Vishwakarma University (Pune, Maharashtra) for offering University Grants Commission (UGC) approved degrees & certificates for its courses.

Our Mission

The course takes a holistic approach to music and offers both practical and theoretical education.

Why are we different?

Practical learning

Since the course is designed primarily to nurture performers, there is a 70% focus on practical learning.

Exposure to Global music

While students are rooted in Indian classical music, they are also given a chance to immerse themselves in elements of global music – including European, African, Latin American, etc

Globally acclaimed artists

Students have an opportunity to interact with globally acclaimed artists in a variety of genres as a result of being exposed to LGMF (Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival).

Employment & Entrepreneurial opportunities

They will also have a chance to work in fields like artist management, event management, and stage, sound & light management.

Guest Lectures by legendary performers

Guest Lectures organized by distinguished professors and legendary performers around the world.

Personal connect

Dr L Subramaniam & Kavita Krishnamurti will organize the above, supervise and interact on special occasions.

About Us

“We believe in the power of music to affect change and believe that everyone deserves access to it.” It is with this belief that violin icon Dr. L Subramaniam and Bollywood playback legend Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam started The Subramaniam Foundation in 2005.

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