SaPa in Schools


In times of rapidly-changing social and cultural priorities, it is necessary to bring about a sustainable system of music education accessible to all sections of the community

'Music is the lens through which we view culture' - Bindu Subramaniam, Dean, SaPa

What is SiS

The SaPa in Schools programme makes music education an important part of school curriculum. SiS integrates best practices of music education from around the world and has created a pedagogy which is thoroughly researched, scientifically proven, age appropriate and activity based. The aim of SiS is to not only create musicians but to create people who are passionate about art and culture.

Our ideology is that all children in the society are equally entitled to receiving quality world-class music education. We provide the SiS programme to deserving schools completely free of cost.

Why SiS

Learning music has a number of advantages, including aiding brain development and improving cognitive function in children. Research proves that music helps increase IQ and EQ. Music provides a platform to address serious issues in a lighthearted manner without imposing on young minds. We provide children with access to both global music and music rooted in Indian tradition. This helps them understand, reflect and explore different cultures and celebrate diversity. Most importantly, music makes a child happy and the benefits of this cannot be measured!

How it works

When we partner with a school for the SiS programme, we provide them with a well-developed curriculum, trained educators and the learning materials. We provide a dedicated music room with access to musical instruments. We conduct workshops by Indian and Global musicians. There are assessments with external examiners and we provide students with certifications. We are creating the entire ecosystem to ensure sustainability.

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